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Lunch offer

2018.11.26-11.30 #baberlunch

Local food restaurant in downtown Budapest. Are you interested in Hungarian cuisine?
Try our wide range of traditional lunch offer on every working days.
Your daily menu can contain either two or three courses.
Prices from 1090.- (two courses) 1390.-(three courses) !!!
You can download our daily menu HERE
Choose a traditional soup, there is always a vegetarian option!
You can pick one out of 4 dishes, there is always a vegetarian option!
And the desserts… you have to try it.

The system is self service, the place is cosy and spacious.
We have two, three, four, five and 8 seater tables.
We bake home made bread every day, that is served for free.
We serve fruit syrups, pure apple juice, draft beer, Hungarian vines, a variety of pálinka,

If it wasn’t enough and you are too busy to visit us,
we deliver your daily menu to you in the down town area.

Are you planning a party?
Family event?
Corporate event?
Christmas party?
Send us an email with your ideas and we give you an offer!
We provide a perfect venue for various kind of events up to 80 guests.
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